The Event: Not sure what to be•lie•ve…

So I’m not big on TV, but I did decided I want to have at least one show I’d watch regularly that wasn’t Dancing With The Stars.

I ended up picking The Event because of all the advertising they’ve done around New York. Gigantic billboards by 34th street, a major traffic area between commuters and tourists, caught my eye. Clever usage of typography (be-lie-ve) also piqued my interest. Then one day when there was a major storm and all the trains shit a collective brick, I had to leave Penn Station to grab a bus home and there was a group of doom-sayers advertising “the event” and that the end was near. It was obvious they were putting a lot into promoting the show so I figured, they really want me to watch this, I’ll give it a go.

Now coming from an anime-obsessed adolescence, I’m pretty solid when it comes to severe WTF JUST HAPPENED moments, but the past two weeks (First 2 Eps) of The Event have really got me wondering what the hell is going on, and I’m not sure yet if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

Last week was the premiere and I found myself bored for 90% of the episode. It [ab]uses the flashback motif where we see crazy stuff happen and then go back to find some sort of story behind it.
The president on vacation getting hassled by angry politicians. Flash back to the decision he made that pissed them off.
A young guy hijacking a plane. But just last week he was a normal guy on vacation with his hopeful future fiance.

In doses this is ok but the entire story is basically half present, half past.

The premiere sets itself up to be this government vs secret society conspiracy terrorist typical post 9-11 show, with people going apeshit and mysterious women doing suspicious things. The final 10 minutes finally revv you up for something big. The plane is about to crash into the island the president is on. Fighter jets are ready to take it down. Everybody scrambles in panic. The guy hijacking the plane is actually trying to stop the pilot from crashing it. The air marshall actually believes him (lol what?).

Then BAM.
Flash of light. Plane disappears.
Viewers blink and moments later wonder what the hell just happened.
35 minutes of blah and 10 minutes of wtf basically describes the first episode in a nutshell.

Second episode was better paced all around. Still erring on the side of boring and the flashbacks are still annoying. But we’re getting a feel for the back-story. And now, at least now we know what genre this actually is. Sci-fi.

Oh yeah. Aliens are involved.

So basically it’s X-Files meets 24 meets Vantage Point, with modern tv-sensibilities. Lets face it. I thought the sci-fi/fantasy on prime-time deal had proven to not work but apparently they’re not yet ready to give up on it just yet.

Now I’m torn. I have to admit, at first I figured if this was gonna be an alien vs human conflict, they should have advertised it as such but then I realized that this aspect of the story is MEANT to be subtle. They don’t want this to be sci-fi. They don’t want it to be about aliens. It’s the conflict. This has me intrigued.
But the way they are telling the story so far is lack-luster. I hate repeated flashbacks, it’s distracting. If they lighten up on those, I think it’d be way better.

I’ll continue to watch, since X-files is one of my favorite shows and there’s yet to be a government conspiracy / paranormal show to compare to it in ages. But where X-Files threw the paranormal into your face, The Event aims to bring a more realistic twist to the story.

Interesting, indeed.

  • Enh, this type of hyped mystery show hasn’t been working for anybody really. FlashForward, The Nine, The Invasion, and other shows that have popped up on networks since Lost have all failed. Its just people trying to capitalize on somebody elses success and that never works.

    Now you seem to like x-files, so i’ll assume you’ve seen Fringe? If you haven’t, that is a good show, skip this event crap (which I haven’t seen anything of, so if its good, my bad) and go watch Fringe from episode one. Plenty of internet places to check it out for free, icefilms.info perhaps.

    • The Event is -ok- at best right now. I never saw Lost so I can’t really comment on that, but I’ve heard a lot of people say they are similar.

      Everybody’s been telling me to watch Fringe, actually, since X-Files was my gateway drug into geekdom and my love for that show is eternal.

      I think you’ve convinced me to suck it up and watch the whole thing. Sounds like good marathon material.

      • Tim

        I catch it on Hulu and it is a fantastic show

  • Tim

    What a great show!!!!