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Picture 014: The City At Night

 Hi-Res Version, just in case. I really love how this picture came out. This is a street view from 32nd street, in front of Penn Station, looking uptown on 7th ave towards Time’s Square (that small mass of light right smack in the middle.) The really cool thing about cloudy nights in NY, especially if…

Picture 013: View from the Train

One nice thing about fall is that the sun sets during evening travel and makes for some pretty shots. It sucks that blogger doesn’t have threaded comments so I’m gonna go back and try to reply any questions or comments in the next day post. @Janus Kane : subways are way worse, as much as…

Picture 009: Crazy Tourists

This guy is not a bum. He was on the phone yelling for about 10 minutes while I waited for a bus. Then his wife showed up carrying about 7 huge shopping bags and he just got up and the two left.It was odd.

Picture 007: Downtown Blues

A view of downtown NY from the Jersey City water front. Towards the left between the buildings with the pointed top and dome top is where the twin towers would have been.

Picture 002: The Lonely King

The empire state building towers above clouds on a rainy day. After 9/11, the ESB has reclaimed the title of tallest building in NY. Lonely.