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ArenaNet Delivers on Heart of Thorns Hype at PaxEast

It’s been awhile since ArenaNet has pulled this much punch at PaxEast – and what a comeback! I was absolutely delighted to have taken even a small part in the celebration of Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, which was announced recently at this winter’s PaxSouth. Arenanet delivered on promises to have pieces…

Should Guild Wars 2 have Official Forums?

This has been brought up a few times on fan-run forums over the years, but I noticed that the discussion never really took off and there didn’t seem to be much thought from the OPs. It’s certainly something I’ve mused over several times as well. I’ve always been a forum fan for any game I’ve…

Pax-East Pre-Show | TalkTyria, Guild Mag, and Friends!

Get the low-down on PAX-East: Who’ll be there, what’s happening, and where to go to keep informed.