Picture 005: Memories of a Distant Kingdom.

View of the NY Skyline from my old apartment in NJ. I miss it.
  • Michele

    Nice pic!

  • David Davidson

    That looks pretty nice.

    Safe and decent neighborhood too.

  • rockStar

    nice pic <3

  • Splash87

    Oh wow, that is a beautiful view!

  • kmartsmartsuperstar

    That is an awesome picture. Love the view! I can see why you miss it.

  • gamefreak3335

    this is awesome keep the pics coming!

  • Michael Angelo Cerritos

    Jersey?! UGH!!
    lmao. I've been to Jersey so many times, I hate it! Good thing you live in NY now, lol XD

  • Randy Weezner

    thats an ill pic!

  • señor blogger

    thats a bad ass view

  • Paladin-Bias

    great view