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In-Depth Sense8 Review – Diverse, Captivating, and Unique


The Wachowskis are often known for their willingness to pursue creativity over trying to mimic mainstream success. Their boldness has produced a wide range of results, from the industry changing Matrix to the recent (perhaps underrated) flop of Jupiter Ascending. But while not every project can muster widespread appeal, we can’t accuse them of being boring. Every time they put their minds…

Game of Thrones – Arya and Sansa – Why love one but hate the other?

GOT Show spoiler warning. Relatively book-safe, minus some excluded scenes. I’ll start by saying that I love both Arya and Sansa as characters – both are refreshingly complex and multidimensional young women who are deeply explored and beautifully acted in this epic series. I believe very strongly in Ned’s words that his daughters are two…