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Pax-East Pre-Show | TalkTyria, Guild Mag, and Friends!

Get the low-down on PAX-East: Who’ll be there, what’s happening, and where to go to keep informed.

Guild Wars Guru GvG Tournament (That’s a lot of G’s)

Sharpen those blades, hone those skills, and read up on those builds. It’s GvG time! The folks over at Guild Wars Guru announced last week that they’ll be hosting a wide-scale GvG tournament this spring, with an explicit focus on making the championship accessible to as many players as possible. The tourney will have four…

PAX Recap: More Guild Wars Madness!

Well Saturday morning I met up with Malibu of G.W.E.N and went to ArenaNet’s Dynamic Event panel which was chuck-full of crazy amounts of information. We were given a great surprise when Eric Flannum said we’d be designing a dynamic event chain that would eventually be implemented into the game. The first chunk of the panel…

PAX Day 1

Alright, so the day is finally winding down here in WA. Day one was pretty nuts! On the Guild Wars front, there was a lot going on. The lines to test out the game were nuts: I was standing for almost 2 hours before I decided I had to go. On the bright side, I…

PAX Prime is almost here!

Happy September, everybody! Not a lot of time to say much, but, in preparation for the spirit of PAX, here are some much overdue pictures from PAX-East back in March.

Pax Prime 2010 Preview

As a lot of you know, I’ll be heading to PAX-Prime this week over in Seattle. I’m ridiculously excited about going, and mostly because I get to try out the Guild Wars 2 demo! Jess and I will be heading over representing GuildMag and our podcast. It’s going to be both  thrilling and crazy busy.…

PAX East: The Journey Begins

5:19 PM On the bus with Kaae, Lizzie, and Gina. Somewhere in Connecticut, I think. Bolt Bus is filled with PAX people, pretty hilarious. POKEMON PUB CRAWL TONIGHT. 1:24 PMGetting ready to leave work. Meeting up with the roomies at Penn station for some foods, exploration, and boarding.It’ll be twitter from then ’til we get…