App Review – Canva for iPad Pro


You ever that feeling when you’re really craving a specific food or flavor, and you might spend hours or even days trying to find it? And when you do, you’re super excited only to find that it falls just short of what you were looking for? That disappointment – The feeling of being so close…

Why this PvPer doesn’t miss PvP servers


As habitual as I am, I tend to re-boot ye olde’ World of Warcraft as a time killer since New England winters can sometimes put Hoth to shame. #excuses So here I am, back for Legion after a two year hiatus. I’ve been spending my time split between two servers that couldn’t be more different…

Ms. Marvel Volume 1 Review


I guess if I’m going to call myself a geek, I’d eventually have to give western comics a go. So there I was at the ripe ol’ age of 29 and I picked up my first comic that wasn’t a manga or based on another form of media. It’s not surprising that my choice was the…

Snapseed Review for Android – 200 Word App Review


App: Snapseed Developer: Nik / Google Platforms: Android via Google Play (This Review), iOS via App Store Category: Photo Editing, Photography Price: Free As a hobby photographer who’s spent the last 10+ years using Photoshop and Lightroom on computers, finding a mobile photo editing app that meets my standards was a challenge. Not counting Adobe’s…

In-Depth Sense8 Review – Diverse, Captivating, and Unique


The Wachowskis are often known for their willingness to pursue creativity over trying to mimic mainstream success. Their boldness has produced a wide range of results, from the industry changing Matrix to the recent (perhaps underrated) flop of Jupiter Ascending. But while not every project can muster widespread appeal, we can’t accuse them of being boring. Every time they put their minds…

Remembering Guild Wars – Happy 10 Year Anniversary


The original Guild Wars was and probably forever will be my favorite game ever. As much as I enjoy Guild Wars 2 these days, it still doesn’t hold a candle to what GW1 meant to me. I was a high school senior when Guild Wars was announced – myself and a handful of friends played in…

ArenaNet Delivers on Heart of Thorns Hype at PaxEast


It’s been awhile since ArenaNet has pulled this much punch at PaxEast – and what a comeback! I was absolutely delighted to have taken even a small part in the celebration of Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, which was announced recently at this winter’s PaxSouth. Arenanet delivered on promises to have pieces…

Gone Girl Movie Review – October’s creepiest movie for all the best unexpected reasons


It’s the kick-off for Oscar season, and what better way to start the spookiest month of the year than with a terrifyingly creepy film? Although not without its casual (and minor) gore, Gone Girl’s scare-factor isn’t about flying heads and slashing knives but rather something that’s much more frightening – that of the human condition (Yikes!). The movie is…

PAX East 2014 Photo Gallery & Videos

Hamster Wheel or PC? You decide.

Better late than never! Here’s a compilation of my favorite photos, moments, and videos from PAX East 2014. I had a blast, and had a great time hanging out with friends. Can’t wait for next year! Warning – VERY Media Heavy

League of Legends URF review and why it SHOULD NOT be a permanent mode


Let’s face it – Ultra Rapid Fire was probably one of the most amazing things to come out of Riot recently. This is in no way  discrediting their other, wonderful products and features – but for an April Fool’s Joke, URF just had something magical that the community perhaps didn’t know they wanted. I had…